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Build your own content management system 

You can hire technical programmers to create your own custom build content management system that you can use to update your web site. In order for your programmers to develop a content management system, you will probably need to purchase programming tools and database software.

Tools or services used in this approach: 
Custom built software using programming tools like Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server 2000, etc.

  • Programmers to build your content management tools (estimated at $75,000 per year per person per year)
  • Web server hardware or a service provider to host your site and your custom built content management system (estimated at $400 - $12,000 per year, depending on what features you need and whether you will have a third party host your web site or you will purchase your own hardware)
  • Programming tools (estimated at $2,000 per programmer)
  • Training on how to use the programming tools (estimated at $3,000 per person per year)

  • You can build custom features to match the specific needs of your organization.
  • The content management software helps you make sure the information on your site is presented in a consistent and professional way.
  • You can allow many people to post data to your web site, although they may still need training if your custom developed system is not easy enough for novice computer users.
  • You can develop workflow that allows people in your organization to review or approve changes based on the rules you define.
    Approach build software

  • It can be very expensive to build your own content management.
  • It can take a long time to build your own software.
  • Building software is not an exact science. If you are not skilled at building computer systems, your project could go over budget, or it could fail and you could loose all the time and money you spent trying to unsuccessfully build your own content management system.
  • Very high up front costs to purchase expensive programming and database software, and to purchase or rent expensive and high powered hardware.
  • Custom developed software can be very flexible but also very complicated, so some of the people who you want to post data to your site might not have the skills they need to do so.
  • You are dependent on technical people to maintain the software and build upgrades and correct programming errors.

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