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Build your site manually 

Are you thinking about building your own web site? Are you looking for an easier way to maintain your web site? You can take four different approaches to building and managing your web site.

You can hire HTML (web) designers and programmers to build and maintain your site by hand. The people in your organization have to provide all the information they want to post to your site to the designers and programmers, who will then manually create web pages for your site.

Tools or services used in this approach:
Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver 
  •  Programmers to build the pages by hand (estimated at $75,000 per year per person)
  • Web server hardware or a service provider to host the site (estimated at $400 - $6,000 per year, depending on what features you need and whether you will have a third party host your web site or you will purchase your own hardware)
  • Programming tools (estimated at $200 per person) 
  • Training on how to use the programming tools (estimated at $3,000 per person per year)


  • Provides great flexibility in how you build your site 

  •  High costs for technical personnel, especially since there is little automation.
  • Requires technical personnel to build and maintain your site.
  • Because programmers like to be creative, they may not follow your standards for posting data and your site may look inconsistent and unprofessional.
  • The few technical people who can post data to your site will become a bottleneck in the process of getting information onto your site, since only they have the skills to post information.
  • Because programmers build everything manually, they can easily introduce errors on your site.
  • Difficulty in redesigning your site since the content that makes up your web site is manually put into programming code instead of being stored in a database and a content management system that can easily reformat the information.

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