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Build a church web site with Web Builder Express 

Do you want to build a church web site?  Or, maybe the web site your church currently has isn't professional, or isn't easy to update.

Here are some things to consider when deciding how to go about creating a web site for your church:

  • Who will develop the design or "look" of the site?

    Does your church have staff or volunteers who can develop the graphics for your site?  If so, they can be a great resource.  However, beware that just because someone knows how to plug clipart into a document doesn't mean that they know how to create web site graphics.  There are special considerations, such as:

    - Optimizing images for fast download
    - Sizing images for exact fit into web pages
    - Locating graphics with no copyright restrictions
    - Getting the graphics on the web site itself

    If you have staff or volunteers who know how to develop graphics for the web, enlist their help - they can be a valuable resource. 

    Web Builder Express can help since it offers easy to use tools to upload, optimize, and place graphics on your web site.  We also offer additional design and build services to help you create graphics and pages, if you desire additional assistance.

  • Who will develop the content or information for the site, and who will post it onto the web site itself?

    Over time, you may want many different volunteers or staff members to have the capability to post information onto the site. 

    Beware having just one person who has to format and post information to your web site.  That person can become overwhelmed, and a bottleneck to posting information in a timely fashion.

    Look for a set of tools that allow anyone to post information, without having to be a technical superstar.  Often, a "content management system" or CMS is helpful - it provides user friendly tools that allow anyone with a browser to post information.

    Web Builder Express is a complete content management system that allows you to grant permission for anyone you designate to post information to your web site.  It even allows you to set up approval rules (for example, if Jane creates a new page, don't put it on the live web site until Mary reviews and approves it).

  • Who will host your site, or put it on a server so that it is available for the world to see on the internet?

    Hosting your site is an important decision.  Don't put your web site on a spare computer in a member's basement.  You need to select an organization that will make sure your web site is always available, and will protect your web site from hackers, or getting wiped out in a technical accident.

    Web Builder Express has years of experience in hosting your site, and does so in a professionally managed, secure location.

  • Who will support the technical aspects of the web site? 

    Support can be a critical issue.  When there are questions, who will answer them?  When there are problems, who will solve them?

    Look for an organization that is responsive to your questions.  Customers tell us that Web Builder Express is responsive and professional - we think you will agree!

Web Builder Express can help you create a web site for your church that is affordable, easy to update, and very professional and welcoming.  E-mail us today at Contact Us, and we can answer all your questions.


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