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Try it for yourself - please read this page and then proceed to the demonstration system

1. The site tree is the key to adding and changing pages

To manage your web pages, select "Web Pages" from the main menu. You can then use the site tree to see all the pages in your web site. From the site tree, you can edit existing pages using the Edit icon , or add, rename, or delete pages using the Add, Rename, Edit icon

2. Select and edit text and graphics

By default, all areas of the web pages are set to hold text or graphics. Move your mouse over an area on the page and it turns gray to show that you can edit the area. Click on the gray area and you can then edit the text or graphics.

3. Design content and then place it on pages

In addition to text and graphics, you can also place other types of content on pages (such as a fill in form, a calendar, or a mailing list sign up). For example, to place a calendar on your page, change Edit to "TYPE". Move your mouse over an area on the page so that it turns gray to show that you can edit the area. Click on the gray area of the page, and select the Calendar type. (Note you can create and edit content, such as Calendars, from the main menu.)

4. Use the help - it is really helpful

If you need assistance, click on the help icon for additional instructions.

Try the demonstration system now.

Note that we erase all data from the demonstration system each day at around 2:00 am US Eastern time. Most areas of the demonstration system work just as they do with the real Web Builder Express, but we have disabled a few areas for security reasons.

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