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> General questions about content management

What is a content management system?

A content management system provides you with tools to help you build and maintain your web site.

For more information about, see:

Approaches to building and managing your web site

Summary of the content management features you get with Web Builder Express

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Do I need a content management system?

See How to determine if you need a content management system

How do I know if I am getting a ícompleteí solution for building and managing my web site?

You can find companies that will host your web site for little or nothing. But is that really a good deal? Do you get a complete solution for managing and building your web site?

Think about these issues:
  • Who designs the look of your site? Professional designers charge thousands for a good design. Without one, your site may have the polished look you want.
  • How do you manage the information on your site? Many content management solutions start at $10,000 for complicated systems that are hard to understand and use.
  • Can you easily add features like calendars, fill in forms, or mailing lists to your site? You could pay programmers thousands to set up these features.
  • Do you have flexibility in how you design your site? Many low-end solutions with ífill in the blankí solutions are too limited in the number of pages they provide and the capabilities they offer.

Web Builder Express delivers a complete solution that is flexible and easy to use.

  • You can select a prepared professional design - or create one yourself.
  • You have access to easy to an use content management system that help you maintain your site with useful features like calendars, fill in forms, and mailing lists.
  • You get a solution that helps you keep a consistent site, while still giving you flexibility to present information the way you want


> General questions about Web Builder Express

What is Web Builder Express?

Web Builder Express is a service that helps you easily build and maintain your web site. With Web Builder Express, many people in your organization can update your web site, not just a select few, and not just people with advanced technical skills.


How is Web Builder Express better than FrontPage or Dreamweaver?

Thatís like asking how is a Limo better than a Golf Cart! One of the most important advantages of Web Builder Express is that you donít have to purchase, install, and maintain software. That makes Web Builder Express easier and cheaper to use. You also get advanced tools like mailing lists and workflow that are easy to use and donít require technical skills.

Can Web Builder Express grow with me and my needs?

Yes. As your organization grows, Web Builder Express can grow with you. You can add more people in your organization to post data to your site at any time, and without any extra costs. You can add extra storage space for your pages whenever you need it.

How did you develop Web Builder Express?

Web Builder Express started as an internal content management system project that grew and grew. Later, we decided to redesign the service from the ground up to make sure it was the most flexible and easy to use Content Management system available.

Are there any advertisements in Web Builder Express?

No. You will not have to face any annoying advertisements when you build your web site or when you use your own e-mail.

Is Web Builder Express easy to use?

Yes. You will find that Web Builder Express is the easiest content management system available. So many other systems are too complicated. Advanced features are great, but not if you canít figure them out!

From the beginning, we designed Web Builder Express to be easy to use easy to use. You donít need to know any programming languages or be a technical guru to use the system. Web Builder Express offers advanced features that we specifically designed to be easy to use and understand.

How do I get help when I use Web Builder Express?

The easiest and most efficient way for you to get help when you are using Web Builder Express  is to click on the help links that you see at the top of most pages and near most fields. You will instantly get friendly, easy to use information on how to complete the task at hand. You can also contact us by e-mail for assistance.

How can I get support?

You can use our built in help system at any time to get instant and comprehensive assistance. If you donít find what you need, you can e-mail us for support. Please see our Support Policy for full details.


> Technical questions

How much technical understanding do I need to use Web Builder Express?

Almost none. If you know how to click and read, you can use Web Builder Express. From the beginning, we designed and tested the system to be sure that non-technical people can use it.
Learn more about the different approaches you can take to building and managing your web site

Do I have to host my site with Web Builder Express?

As a standard part of your Web Builder Express service, you get free web site hosting.  However, you do not have to use it if you so choose.  In addition to allows us to host your site, you can host your site yourself, hire your own hosting company, or ask us to arrange a hosting company for you. The choice is yours.


Is Web Builder Express hardware properly managed and protected?

Yes. We put Web Builder Express equipment in a professional data center. You can rest easy knowing that Web Builder Express is protected by security and environmental control systems. We back up your data every day and keep a copy in a secure, off-site location. We also have backup power and telecommunication systems so that you can count on Web Builder Express.

See our page on data management for more detailed technical information.

Where does Web Builder Express store my data?

Technically speaking, the data you enter resides in Web Builder Express database. Whenever you want, you can publish, or copy, the data to your own web site. Once the data is on your own web site, your visitors can see it.

This approach has many advantages. First, we donít ílock upí your content into Web Builder Express. If you ever decide to stop using Web Builder Express, you still have a complete, working copy of all the static content from your site on your server.

Some services will dynamically generate your web pages each time a visitor goes to your site. This has two disadvantages. This approach is not very friendly for search engines, which sometimes cannot see and properly index your pages. Also, this approach can require a lot of resources from the hosting computer, which can slow down viewing for your visitor.

Do I need to have my own domain name to use Web Builder Express?

Yes. You will have the most professional site possible when you have your own domain name, such as www.yourcompany.com. If you donít yet have your own domain name, we can help you get one during the sign up process.


Can I manage my e-mail on the web with Web Builder Express e-mail option, or do I have to manage it on my PC?

The choice is yours. You can leave manage all aspects of your e-mail on our web site. Alternatively, you can download your e-mail to a copy of Microsoft Outlook Express on your PC and manage it there. However, since every PC is different, we only provide support for managing your e-mail on our web site.


> Questions about getting started

Do I have to purchase, install, and maintain software to use Web Builder Express?

No. With Web Builder Express, you donít have the hassles of installing software, purchasing expensive equipment, and managing special software. We offer Web Builder Express as a service so that you get all the benefits without all the hassles. If you have a web browser (and you must if you are reading this page!), you are ready to go.

I already have a web page. Can I still use Web Builder Express?

Yes. You can post any type of file to your site through Web Builder Express. However, to get the most benefit, we suggest that you build your new pages using Web Builder Express. Since it takes just a few seconds to build a new page in Web Builder Express, you will be up and running in

Is my data private?

Yes. We will not share your data with anyone else.

What steps do I take to start using Web Builder Express?

Getting set up to use Web Builder Express is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Sign up today.

How long does it take to implement Web Builder Express?

You can start using Web Builder Express right now. You donít have to buy any new hardware or software, and you donít have to spend weeks or months configuring complicated programs.

> Pricing questions

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Youíll love Web Builder Express - we guarantee it. When you sign up, youíll automatically the "60 Day Risk Free Guarantee". If you donít love Web Builder Express, we will refund your money (external hosting or domain transfer fees are controlled by third parties, so we canít refund them).

For more information, see our Guarantee.

Do I have to pay for each computer from which I use Web Builder Express?

No. You donít have to install any software on your PC to use Web Builder Express. You can use Web Builder Express from as many different places as you like. As long as youíve got a working internet connection, you can get to Web Builder Express.

Do I have to pay extra for each person in my organization who uses Web Builder Express?

No. You can have an unlimited number of people you organization use Web Builder Express to build and maintain your site. You pay only one monthly price.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. After youíve arranged for someone to host your site (or asked us to do that for you), you are ready to go! Our prices are easy to understand and complete. You will get everything you need to build and manage your web site.

Is it safe to pay with my credit card?


See credit card safety for more details.

Learn more

Guaranteed. Try Web Builder Express and enjoy our "60 Day Risk Free Guarantee".

You get a remarkable list of features with Web Builder Express at a great price.

Frequently Asked Questions.

You can take many different approaches to building and managing your web site. Which is right for you?

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