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How to avoid common marketing mistakes 

1. Don't talk about your product or service, talk about your customer
Talk about your customer's needs and wants.  Most customers primary concern isn't your company's history or your products detailed specifications.  Your customer has a problem (whether they know it or now) that they want to solve.  Focus your marketing on identifying at least one problem your customer has, and how they will benefit from using your product or service.

2. Don't be too clever
If you prospective customer has to stop and think about your marketing message - well, they won't.  Make sure your marketing is clear, and tells what benefit your product or service provides, and how it solves their problem.  Don't be obtuse - get right to the point.

3. Don't think you will get a sale with the first contact
Most experts say that a prospective customer needs to have seven contacts with your product or service before they are comfortable enough to make a purchase.  How can you build a relationship with your prospective customers and make sure you can contact them several times?

4. Don't fall in love with one marketing message - until it is the best one
Test out your marketing messages by making changes, and find out which ones work best.  Even minor changes can have huge effects on whether or not your prospective customers buy from you.  Just because you like a marketing message, it doesn't mean your prospective customer will love it too.  Test out different messages, and use the ones that make the most money for you.

5. Don't forget to make a call to action
What do you want your prospective customer to do?  Sign up for your newsletter?  Purchase today?  Make sure you ask them to take action, and give them a good reason to do so. 

6. Don't forget to track your results
Which advertisements are moving your prospective customers to make a purchase?  How long does someone subscribe to your newsletter before making a purchase?  Think about how you can measure the factors that drive your sales.


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