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Real Life Success Stories: Small Websites That Work, and What You Can Learn From Them

Whether you’re just starting your website or you’ve been on the Internet for a while, it’s nice to know there are people out there getting it right.

Not only does studying their success give you ideas, but it also reinforces your resolve to succeed. After all, what better encouragement is there than that from those who are doing it successfully?

Ted Ciuba, dubbed “The Mail Order King in the Internet Age” by his peers, is the author of a number of business programs and books including Mail Order in the Internet Age.

He recommends integrating the reach of Internet marketing with the power and persuasion of mail order methods. One of his devotees says Ciuba helped him sell almost $19,000 in five weeks, and that Ciuba is a valuable resource.

Kirt Christensen, known as a “flipper” because he takes struggling sites and turns them around for profit, has helped some companies triple their income.

At the age of 24, Christensen took a small, struggling software company doing less than $20,000 per year to over $244,000 within four-and-a-half months. He ended up selling that same company for $11.4 million dollars.

Terry Dean, one of the top small business Internet consultants in the world, started online while delivering pizza. Four years later, his 100 percent Internet-based business earned him a six-figure income. He specializes in small-budget, low-cost instant cash-flow techniques, tactics and methods.

And one of the biggest money making trends all three recommend is creating a paid membership site. A paid membership site is one that offers people (who pay a recurring fee) access to members-only specialized, exclusive or premium content.

According to a Jupiter Media Metrix survey released in early 2000, 42 percent of web-using adults expect to have to pay for content on the web in the future.
And Subscription Website Publishers Association says the most successful model for a subscription site is one that’s operated by someone who has proven experience in the field.

For Frank Garon, who made over $130,000 in one year by promoting free affiliate programs online, there were a lot of opportunities to make money on the Internet, but he found his niche in network marketing, which gave him the ability to market proven products, proven sales materials, and proven websites. 

For small businesses looking to build and manage their websites and succeed on the Internet, there are many companies that will help, including Web Builder Express.

Web Builder Express allows a company to make sure the information on their site is presented in a consistent and professional way and allows them to manage their web presence internally.

Like these real-life examples, sometimes all it takes is a good web presence and a moneymaking idea to turn your company into a success story.

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