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Search Engine 101 Ė Five Tips to Getting Listed 

Even if you have a great website, if no one can find it, whatís the point?

Since search engines donít search the entire Internet when a search query is run, itís important to be sure your website will be listed so your customers and prospects can find you easily.

According to Sagerock.com, specialists in search engine optimization, your website must be immaculate for this form of Internet site promotion. All your links must work, your site must have no typos and it has to have some valuable information.
In order to be ranked on AltaVista, one of the many search engines on the Internet, they recommend spending your energy and money making your pages as useful as possible to your target audience. This includes thinking about what your audience wants, the terms your audience might use to search, and writing your text so your pages are better matches for specific queries.

Jill Whalen, a whiz in web development and search engine optimization, says according to most studies, the average user never goes past the third page of search engine results.

She says you can get a better listing if you follow five basic fundamentals:

  • Design your site with search engines in mind. Make sure your site is not made up of graphics alone, as these cannot be "read" by search engine spiders. The use of flash animation and graphics can be a downfall to getting listed.
  • Be sure to use natural, easy-to-understand language that conveys the message of your website, and include keyword phrases you'd like your site to rank high for. Invest the time up front to create a website with great content that speaks to the reader in plain language that real people use (without technology buzzwords).
  • Make sure your title tag, meta tags, and alt tags all agree with the visible content on the page. 
  • Be patient! Search engine spiders are extremely slow to index new information that they find when crawling websites. Don't be discouraged if it takes six months or more to see results.
  • Be realistic about your keyword choices. Never expect a high ranking for one-word keywords because there are too many sites on the Internet for a one-word search to be effective. In addition, it's practically impossible to create a one-word search that is targeted to your specific website. Write good, professional, keyword-rich marketing copy on every page of your website and you almost don't have to do anything else to rank high.

Simply put, search engines want what we all want in a website: a simple, clean design; easy navigation; and well-written, keyword-rich copy that clearly states the benefits right up front.

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