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How do people get to my web site? 

Here is an analogy:  Think of your web site like a book. 

When you hand your book to someone, you really don’t have any control over how they will look at the book.  They may start at page one, and read through the book in order.  Or they may flip directly to page 47 (or any other page).

With your web site, visitors may initially come to your home page by typing the address of your home page (www.yourcompany.com) into the address bar of their web browser.  In this case, the visitor will show up on your home page.  Or, the visitor can type the address of any page on your web site (www.yourcompany.com/products.html) directly into the address bar of their web browser, and they can go directly to any page on your web site.

Here’s another twist:

In addition to tying your web site address directly into address bar of their browser, a visitor may come to your web site via a link.  The link may be on someone else’s web site, or the link may be from a search engine. Maybe you requested the link, or maybe someone created the link without your input.  That’s just the nature of the internet! 

That link from somewhere else may point directly to your home page, or it may point directly to any other page in your web site.  You can’t directly control these links, as any person or any search engine can link to anywhere on your web site.

For example, let’s say you have a web site about office supplies.  And on that web site, there is “coming soon” page talking about scrap book supplies.  Maybe a link from another site or a search engine makes a link to your “coming soon” page, because they noticed your mentioned scrap book supplies.  That’s good, since you get a visitor.  Did they come directly to your home page?  No.  Did you ask for that link?  No.  Can you control that link?  No.  That’s just the nature of the internet!


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