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How to determine if you need a content management system

If your organization is like most, you or others in your group write nearly all your own text, or content. Even if you use outside help for designing or hosting your web site, you probably create all you own material. You will find many benefits to using a content management system to help manage your content. A content management system provides you with tools to help you build and maintain your web site. Here are some of the tools that a content management system can provide:

Allowing the people you select to post data onto your site

If only one person (or just a few people) can post data into your site, that person can inadvertently become a bottleneck. With a content management system, you can allow as many people as you want to post data onto your site. The people within your organization will appreciate the control. Because they are closer to the content, they will post information faster, more often, and more accurately.

With Web Builder Express, you can allow as many people to post data to your site as you wish. There are no limits! Unlike our competitors, we don't charge you extra when you add new users for your organization and your web site.

Posting to your site without technical knowledge

If you don't have the right tools, only people with specialized technical skills can post data to you web site. With the right content management system, you can allow many people to post data - even those who don't have technical skills.

Web Builder Express is easy to use. The people who post data to you site don't need to have any special technical knowledge. If they can use a browser, they can post data to your site.

Creating a consistent site

Creating a consistent site should be a top goal of any organization that wants to present a professional, polished image. If you let many people post data without giving them tools to help them create a consistent site, your site will quickly become inconsistent and confusing. An inconsistent site reflects badly on you and your organization, and can actually drive people away from your site.

Web Builder Express makes it easy to maintain a consistent site, while still giving the people who post data to your site the flexibility to express their ideas. Web Builder Express automatically manages the tedious but critical areas of your site like the main menu, breadcrumb trail, and links to the next set of pages.

Controlling the data on your site

You may want people in your organization to review changes that people make to your site. You may even need people to approve some changes before they go onto your site.

Web Builder Express gives you notification and approval workflow tools so that you can control the entire review process

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