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How to help us help you, or, how to work most effective with Web Builder Express support 

At Web Builder Express, we do everything we can to prevent and fix bugs.  If you do happen to find a bug, we want to help you as quickly as possible. 

Here are some tips on how you can provide all the information needed so that we can help you as quickly as possible:

 Provide as much detail as possible - more is better.  If you saw an error message, copy it in it's entirety.  If you selected an option, send us the address of the page where you selected it and tell us where the option appeared and what it looked like.
Less helpful:  "It doesn't work"
More Helpful: "On the page called /summary/admin.asp, when I click on the Action Menu Item "Content", I get a stop sign and the message "You are not authorized for this page".

 Provide detailed instructions so that we can replicate your problem exactly - we need to know everything you did when you found the error.  Only when we can replicate your problem can we work on how to fix it.

 Write as precisely as possible - more detail, more explanation, and more information is always better than less.

 Please tell us what you have already done to help answer your question.  This will help us know what you know, and help us improve our system and help tools.
Less helpful: "I looked in help, but couldn't find an answer"
More helpful: "I looked at the help page titled "How to add a new page", but I still don't understand where to find the Aciton Menu"). 

 Provide the exact error message and the exact page address where you had the issue.
Less Helpful: "I got an error on the properties page"
More Helpful: "I saw the stop sign with the error message "Not authorized" on the page called /tree/properties.asp"

 Prepare to provide more information.  We won't ask for information we really don't need.

 Focus on symptoms, not diagnosis.  Just as you tell a doctor "My lower back hurts" instead of "I need a prescription for Hydroyoyodyne.", it is most important to tell us your symptoms.  it is OK to share your ideas on a diagnosis, but please provide all the details about your symptoms.

 Remember that most intermittent problems are not really intermittent - they have some logic somewhere.  The more information you can provide on the circumstances and details of when you see the problem, the better.

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