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How to link to a file 

On your web site, you can add links to files, such as Word Documents, PowerPower Presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, Adobe Acrobat Documents, etc.

Before you can add a link to a file on your web page, you must add the file to your list of available files in Web Builder Express.

 To add a file to your list of available files in Web Builder Express

1. While editing a web page, click on the "Files" icon .

2. Click on "add file" icon , and upload the file. 

3. Click "Browse" to locate the file on your PC, then click "Upload".

4. Close the "Files" window.


 To add a link from text on your web page to the file you have already uploaded:

(If you would like to know how to edit a web page, see How to edit a web page.)

1. While editing a web page, type the text you want to act as the link to the file. 

2. Highlight the text that you want to link to the file.

3. Click on the "Files" icon

4. Selet the file you would like to link to by clicking on the "add to page" icon  next to the file. 


 Advanced topic - opening the file in a new browser window

By default, when a visitor to your site clicks on the link to the file, the file will open in the current window.  If you want the file to open in a new browser window, you need to make a minor adjustment to the HTML for the link to the file.

Follow the steps above to add the file to the list of available files, and create the link to the file.

Then, while editing the text of the page that contains the link, click on the box next to "HTML" in the lower left corner of the editing page.

Find the reference to the HTML link to the file.  It will look something like this:

  < A href="/files/example.doc">My Word Document

In this example, "example.doc" is the name of the file, and "My Word Document" is the name of the link to the file.

Change the HTML so that it has includes a (TARGET="_blank") option in the (A href) tag.  The modified HTML will look like this:

  < A href="/files/example.doc" target=_blank>My Word Document


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