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How to make sure search engines find your site 

Have the search engines ignored your web site?  It's a common complaint.  It can take anywhere from a few days to many months to get listed on a search engine.  Search engines run on their own schedules, and those schedules can change based on technology upgrades, maintenance, programming changes, and other factors. 

While you are at the mercy of the search engines to put your web site into their results, here are a few tips to help make sure search engines find your site:

1. Check to see if you are listed but don't know it. 
None of the search engines will tell you when you are added to their index.  Also, if you enter keywords that you think should connect you to your site, and your site doesn't show up on the first few pages of results, it could simply mean that your site doesn't rank very well for those particular words.  The exact procedure to check if your site is in a particular search engine vary, but generally you can search for "yoursite.com" (no quotes) to see if your site appears.

2. Let them find you naturally
If possible, let the search engine find your web site by following a link from another web site.  Work with a friend or colleague who already has a web site that exists in the search engines, and ask them to create a link to your site.  Some search engines will value your site more highly if they find it naturally, instead of finding it via some type of search engine submission.

3. Don't use frames
Many search engines have a hard time reading frames, a web design technique that creates scrolling or non-scrolling sub-areas on a page.  Web Builder Express does not create frames on your web pages.

4. Don't create your text as a graphic.
Most search engines can not read text that is built as a graphic, either in a standard graphic file (jpeg or gif), or in a audio, video, or flash animation file.  Make sure that your page has HTML text, which the search engines can read.

5. Give them something to find
Make sure your pages have plenty of HTML text to read and put into their index.  Many experts suggest that your home page have at least 1,000 words.  When the search engine eventually visits your site and finds lots of text, they will have some "meat to chew on" and information to put into their search results.

6. Don't use dynamic pages.
Many search engines have a hard time reading dynamic pages (pages that are built on the fly).  They often can not understand certain symbols like a question marks or ampersands that appear in such pages. Many web builder programs create dynamic pages, but Web Builder Express creates non-dynamic web pages, which search engines can read easily.

7. Don't use free web hosting services
Many search engines no longer index web pages on common free web hosting services.  Those hosting services often have many low quality or spam pages.  You should also put your site on a hosting service your pay for, such as Web Builder Express.  Also, you should always have your own domain name (www.yoursite.com).  Web Builder Express can help you secure your own domain name. 

8. Don't try to spam the search engines.
If you have used questionable techniques in attempt to get a higher ranking, the search engine may ignore, penalize, or outright reject your web site.  Questionable techniques include excessive repetition of keywords and making text the same color as the background.

By following these simple tips, you have a better chance of making sure the search engines find your web site.


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