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How to troubleshoot 'this is running slowly' issues 

When your computer operates slowly, the real cause could be any number of components - your PC itself, your internet connection, or the application you are using over the internet.

Here are a few things you can try:

1 - Reboot your PC
If your PC itself is operating slowly, you may just need to reboot it. It is a simple fix that corrects so many problems, and often gives your PC a big performance boost!

2 - Check the speed of your internet connection
Nearly all internet connections have their good days and bad days. Sometimes they run slowly, especially if your neighbor is downloading all of Stevie Wonder's greatest hits. You can check the speed of your connection using the "Speakeasy Speed Test" by following this link:

Speakeasy Speed Test

It is best to test the speed occasionally so that you can understand what you get for a 'typical' speed, and what is an 'unusual' speed. It is really hard to say what a 'good' or 'bad' speed is for you personally, so you need to monitor your own connection speed over time.

3 - Conduct a complete virus scan on your PC
If the first two items don't help, then run a complete virus scan on your PC. If your PC is infected with a virus, it can run slowly.

Follow these three simple tips to troubleshoot and fix slow performance issues.


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