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I need a consistent look to all my web site pages.

Your options

Consistency is critical to a well-designed site. If you have five people posting data to your site, and each one posts information differently, your site will be inconsistent and confusing to your visitors.

To maintain a consistent site, you have several options:
  1. Use professional designers to create and maintain your page For a price, you can have a professional web design firm create and maintain all your pages. They will make sure that everything on your site is consistent. This can be expensive, since web designers often charge $50 to $100 per hour.

  2. Publish written standards for all the people who update your web site
    You should plan design standards for your site, and you should share those standards with the people who update your site. However, just sharing that information may not be enough to ensure that everyone will follow the standards. You should assess how much the people who update your site are able and willing to follow your design standards.

  3. Utilize tools that help you maintain consistency
    You can use tools to help maintain consistency on your site. In Microsoft Front Page, for example, you can use standard headers and footers on each page to develop a consistent look. Other software or services allow you to develop and use templates to help keep a consistent look across your web site.

How Web Builder Express can help

Web Builder Express gives you tools that help you keep a consistent look, while still giving flexibility to the people who post data to your site. Many other content management systems give everyone complete freedom to design pages however they wish - to the detriment of your site. With Web Builder Express, you can still have complete freedom, but you can also limit the look of your pages to make sure they are consistent.

You can use built-in Web Builder Express tools to apply standard page templates. You can also define which of your users has access to tools that allow them to vary from your defined standards. These options will help to ensure consistency in your site, which will make your site easier to use and more professional.

What is important to you when building your web site?

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What is important to you when building your web site?

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