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Issue No. 3 - Web Builder Express News: Making Your Web Site Friendly 

~~Web Builder Express News - Issue No. 3~~~

Your Hosts:  Herb & Monica Leibacher
Our E-mail:  Contact Us

In this edition we have some tips that can help you
improve your web site and make it more friendly. 

On to the news!
- Herb & Monica



* Tips on maintaining a user friendly site
---->   Create a site map
---->   Use a consistent look
---->   Check your fill-in-forms
---->   Include your contact details

* Things You Might Like:
---->   How to create Adobe Acrobat files for free

* News Wrap-up:
---->   Spring Flowers


Everyone wants it, but how do you get it?  We are
referring to having a user friendly web site - one that
is easy for your visitors to use.

*** Tips on maintaining a user friendly site ***

Here are some tips:

1 - Create a site map

A site map lists all the pages in your web site, with
links to each page.  You can see the site map for Web
Builder Epxress here:


Site maps help your users locate information quickly, and
also help search engines find all the information on
your web site. 

While site maps are a huge pain to create and maintain
if you have to make them manually, you can use the
built in feature of Web Builder Express to automatically
create and maintain a site map for your site.  Just
create a new page, and click on the "Site Map" button
in the page editor to insert your map.

2 - Use a consistent look

If you use Web Builder Express, you already have a
template that keeps a consistent look for your header,
menu, and footer.  But, you need to make sure that
your text and headlines in the body of your pages are
consitsent too.  Pick one font style, size, and color
for your headlines and one for your text.  Then use it
consistently, and without exception.  Rather that
creating a boring look, this consistency will give your
site a professional consistency - just like newspapers
and magazines.

3 - Check your fill-in-forms

Web Builder Express allows you to easily create
fill-in-forms.  Your visitor can fill out
information on a page, and you then receive the results in
an e-mail.  These work easily and very well, but don't for get to
test them to make sure that the e-mail you
enter is valid and that you actually receive the results
as you expect.

4 - Include your contact details

Most visitors are a bit skeptical about any new web
site, with all the scams and viruses out there. 
Make sure that you list your contact information on
your site - at least on a contact page, and probably
on the footer of every page.  If people can't get
in touch with you, they won't trust you.  And if
they don't trust you, they will not deal with you.



*** Things You Might Like ***

You probably see them everywhere - Adobe Acrobat files.
Those are the "PDF" files used universally on web site
to share documents and make sure that the formatting
says the same.

++ How to create Adobe Acrobat files for free ++

You can buy software for several hundred bucks to create
Adobe Acrobat files, but why?  You can get a free
program to do it for you.  While it is not our program
and we don't support it, we use it ourselves, and it
seems to do a good job.  You can get the instructions



*** News Wrap Up ***

Spring flowers are finally in bloom here in Ohio.  We bought bulbs
at Costco and planted them last fall.  We have come to observe that
our tulips and hyacinth are growing to be taller than our bushes...and
our bushes are not small! Nonetheless, we have been long awaiting the
color and the fragrance of spring...and for that we are so thankful!


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Herb and Monica Leibacher


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