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Issue No. 4 - Web Builder Express News: Don't make a splash

~~~Web Builder Express News - Issue No. 4~~~

Your Hosts:  Herb & Monica Leibacher
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In this issue we've got some thoughts about creating a home page and
the best type of approach.

On to the news! - Herb & Monica



* Don't make a splash
---->   What is a splash page?
---->   Top three reasons

* Things You Might Like:
---->   Looking for your questions

* News Wrap-up:
---->   Our shoes are dirty...we musta been dancing!

*** Don't make a splash ***

Don't make a splash

Are you thinking about using a splash page when you create
a web site?  You would be wise to think again.

++ What is a splash page? ++

Generally, it is a fancy entrance graphic which requires
your visitor to click in order to enter the main home page
of your web site.  It may include a movie-like presentation
with lots of sound effects and moving, flashy, animated
graphics.  These are often created using a technology
called Macromedia Flash.

++ Top three reasons ++

Here are the top three reasons why you shouldn't use a
splash page when you create a web site:

1 - Your visitor's don't like them

According to test conducted by web site research firm
Marketing Sherpa, 80% of visitors surveyed preferred a
web site without an entrance splash page.  One survey respondent
sums it up:  "When searching the web, my most immediate concern
is generally time - how quickly I can find/accomplish my objective." 
Since a splash page just takes up your visitor's time, without
providing real and useful information, they generally don't like them.

2 - They are slow to load on a dial up connection

Even though the world is slowly moving to fast broadband
connections, there are still millions upon millions of web
users who connect to the internet using slower dial up
connections.  Putting a splash page on your web sites
causes them wait, and, in effect, puts a block between them
and your chance to present them with information.  Why
would you want to do that?

3 - Search engines generally can't read splash pages

While technology is evolving, the search engines like
Yahoo and Google search and index the text on your web
site.  If you don't provide text (meaning you have only
a graphical splash page), the search engines may not
be able to find your web site - and that means that
your potential visitors won't be able to find you either.
We experienced this first hand too when we tried to
locate a website of a local business.  The site, we came to
find out, was all splash and flash and the search engines
could not find it.  We had to call the business and ask them
for their website address.  Most people won't take that
kind of time, and as a result, you lose potential visitors!


*** Things You Might Like ***

If you enjoyed this newsletter, we hope you will spread
the word.

++ Looking for your questions ++

What is the one thing you have always wondered about
when it comes to building or maintaining your web
site?  We want to know.  Just reply back to this e-mail,
and we will work to answer your questions in future
editions of this newsletter.


*** News Wrap Up ***

Our swing dance lessons about which we spoke a few weeks ago
have come to a close.  We have had the opportunity to dance all
over one another's feet!  We can also say we have added the
Charleston, Balboa, and Lindy Hop to our repertoire.  A few years
Monica met one of the original 1920 Lindyhoppers of Harlem's Savoy
Ballroom, Frankie Manning.  Frankie Manning, among other contributions
and accomplishments, was one of the choreographers for the movie
Malcom X.  Monica found it quite exciting to meet such a legend.


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Herb and Monica Leibacher


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