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Issue No. 5 - Web Builder Express News: How to use color effectively

~~~Web Builder Express News - Issue No. 5~~~

Your Hosts:  Herb & Monica Leibacher
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In this issue we've got some thoughts about how to use colors
effectively on your web site.

On to the news!
- Herb & Monica



* How to use color effectively
---->   Use contrasting colors
---->   Less is more
---->   Complementary colors donít compliment

* News Wrap-up:
---->   All Balboa, all the time

*** How to use color effectively ***

Colors are powerful, and create strong feelings.  They
can also make your web site look professional Ė or look
like a circus.  Here are some powerful tips you should
use every time you create a web site:

1 Ė Use contrasting colors

It is important to have contrast between the text and
the background color, so that the material on your web
page is easy to read.  Many successful sites use dark
text on a light background (or vice versa).

While light text on a dark background may be easy
for some people to read, itís important to use this
approach sparingly and more for impact purposes.

2 Ė Less is more

Just because you can put 58 different colors on your
web site, doesnít mean that you should.  If you
throw color in everywhere, it will lose its impact. 
A good rule is that for maximum impact, use one
color on head lines, and a different but complementary
color for normal text

3 - Complimentary colors donít compliment

Colors that you see on opposite sides of the color
wheel are called complimentary colors.  For example,
orange is opposite of blue on the color wheel. 
When you use complimentary colors side by side,
they make a web page difficult to see, because
it is hard for your eyes to focus on both.  Also,
the colors may seem to clash when viewed together.

When you create a web site, use the tips above
when you select your colors.  Your site will look
great, and your visitors will thank you.


*** News Wrap Up ***

The swing dancing classes were so fun we decided to take a
weekend workshop...11 Balboa classes over the course of three
days!  Whew!!  This was an international event here in
Cleveland and we had the opportunity to meet several
legends and original California Balboa Beach balboa dancers.
If you are interested in seeing some amazing dancing,
check out the link below.  It contains footage from the dance
competition held that weekend.  Go to the heading marked video
clips at the right.  Enjoy!   http://www.allbalboa.com/

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Herb and Monica Leibacher


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