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Issue No. 7 - Web Builder Express News: Web Design Considerations

Your Hosts:  Herb & Monica Leibacher
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In this issue we've got some guidelines to consider when creating your web site.

On to the news!
- Herb & Monica



* Web Design Considerations
---->   Simple is better
---->   Function over form
---->   Avoid pop up windows

* Things You Might Like:
---->   Our Survey Winner

* News Wrap-up:
---->   Trip to California's Sonoma and Nappa Valleys


*** Web Design Considerations ***

1 - Simple is better

That old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” really is true...and the words 'a picture' are really important!

The saying does not mean that a ton of different pictures is best!

Use properly sized, good quality pictures and images to enhance the page and the message of your text.  Don't clutter it up with fuzzy, off-color snapshots, poorly cropped photos, and graphics that serve only as cutesy moving icons .  It is better not to have a picture at all, rather than use inadequately exposed one or one with indistinguishable features. 

Remember that less is always more.


2 – Function over form

It is important that your web site is laid out in a simple, organized fashion.  Web Builder Express makes the mechanics of this simple by completely automating the menu and breadcrumb trail on your web site and automatically updating it when you update your site.  Regardless of which system you use, however, when setting up your own site with any system, you should spend some time thinking about how to organize the information in a way that will be logical for your visitor.

The addition of a menu down the lefthand side as well as a breadcrumb trail in the search bar always provide a way for your viewer to get back to your home page.  And don't forget to check links to see that they are all in working order.


3 – Avoid pop up windows

Sometimes clients ask for a ‘pop up’ window which will open a new, smaller browser window on top of the visitor’s current window.  There can be exceptions, but generally people don’t like this.  It is confusing and it blocks text on your site.  In fact many new browsers will block these pop up windows anyway.  So, don’t bother.  (Take time to find a really great picture instead!!)


*** Things You Might Like ***

Thank you for participating in our survey.  The information you provided really helps us know what your needs as a group are.  Perhaps we may inquire again in the future and we hope that even more of you will respond in kind.

We do have a winner, however, for this time. 

The $50 Amazon Gift Certificate goes to Todd H.  Todd operates a web site called Tres Dias, Cleveland.  You can visit his site by going pasting www.tresdiascleveland.org into your address bar.  We will be contacting Todd for info on where we can mail his prize.  Great job!


*** News Wrap Up ***

We recently took a business trip to California.  Sneaking away on Saturday with a friend who lives in San Fancisco, we visited a couple vineyards in the Sonoma and Nappa Valley region.  We had a special opportunity to learn about pairing wines with foods and to sample the foods and wines about which we were learning.  Monica took home several delicious recipes that day and even tried her hand at making one of them, an onion jam wrapped in thinnly sliced beef, for a recent picnic at Blossom Music Center where we enjoyed listening to the renowned Cleveland Orchestra.  Bonne appetit et a` vos sante' !


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Thanks for joining us!

Herb and Monica Leibacher


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