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Issue No. 10: Web Builder Express News - Writing so that people take you seriously 

~~~Web Builder Express News - Issue No. 10~~~

Your Hosts:  Herb & Monica Leibacher
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Do people take you and your web site seriously?  Today we
have some tips on how to make sure people believe you.

On to the news!
Herb & Monica



* Writing so that people take you seriously
---->   Use specific examples
---->   Don’t use puns and wordplay
---->   Use active voice
---->   Beware double negatives
---->   It’s OK to use contractions

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* News Wrap-up:
---->   Hawaii...just around the corner?



1 – Use specific examples

Just repeating your ideas in different words makes
your writing empty.  “We are awesome.  You will love us. 
We are great,” is'nt the way to go.  Be specific, and
back up your claim with solid evidence, or nobody will
believe you.  Consider using testimonials if you need
to toot your own horn and have someone else toot a horn
for you!

2 – Don’t use puns and wordplay

These can be fun in verbal conversations, but they
don’t usually translate to writing.  Be straight forward.

3 – Use active voice

“Jeff drove the truck,” is active voice. 
“The truck was driven by Jeff,” is passive voice. 
To make your writing direct, avoid passive voice.  Look
for use of the verb to be (is, are, was, were). 

4 – Beware double negatives

It is easy to say “it’s not impossible” when you really
mean “it’s possible”.  Just cut to the chase.

5 – It’s OK to use contractions

When most real people speak, they use contractions. 
It’s how people talk.  Since you want to be personable
in your writing, you now have official permission to
use contractions. If you do not use them, you can sound
like a robot.



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Our Hawaii trip is just around the corner.  We are so excited
and have had lots of fun making plans and tour reservations.
We just bought a digital camera (yes, we were still using our
35mm up until this month--much to Herb's dismay) so we might
even have a picture or two to share with you.


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Herb and Monica Leibacher


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