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Issue No. 13: Don't be too clever for your own good 

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Is your writing too abstract? Are you trying to be humorous?  Today, we'll look at the
dangers of being too clever.

On to the news!
- Herb & Monica



* Don’t be too clever for your own good
---->   Keep it simple

* Things You Might Like:
---->   Customers give us feedback

* News Wrap-up:
---->   The holidays are around the corner


Don’t Be Too Clever for Your Own Good

When writing for your web site, you may be tempted
to be clever, abstract, or humorous.  However, you
will usually find that that type of text will be a flop – a
waste of your time and money.

While all the Madison Avenue folks who create the
Super Bowl ads seem to buy into the “clever is good”
theory, most people won’t remember what those ads
promote.  Just ask your friends.

Keep it simple

Keep your titles clear and simple.  Leave
humor to the stand up comics.

Make your headlines clear.  Identify a
benefit for your web site visitor.  Sell them
on why they should continue reading.  When
you do this, better results will be on the way.


Customers Give Us Feedback

We are creating a site for a shipping company. 
Earlier this week they emailed us to say:

"You are VERY GOOD at what you do!
Amazing how quickly you got to exactly what we
wanted to depict.  It's even better than I imagined
it would be.  Bob agrees also -- it's a 'GO!' "
T. Ford
Westlake, OH

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The Holidays Are Around the Corner

This year I have decided that it will be different.  I have
pretty much finished up my Christmas shopping and I
have already stamped and addressed our Christmas
cards.  But the one thing that will really make this year
different is the Thanksgiving dinner.  This year I will take
the giblets OUT of the turkey before cooking it!!


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Herb and Monica Leibacher


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