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Issue No. 14: How to use a guarantee to increase trust 

Today we will look at the power of guarantees.

On to the news!
- Herb & Monica



* Using a Guarantee to Increase Trust

* Our Winter Quarter $50 Amazon Gift Certificate Winner

* News Wrap-up: 

Using a Guarantee to Increase Trust

Guarantee your product or service can help to
increase trust.  Guaranteeing your product, service,
or organization, signals to your website visitor that
you believe in what your do, thereby giving them a
better reason to believe in it too.

Remember the old FexEx guarantee?  Absolutely,
positively, overnight.  Thatís confidence! 

A similar approach can work for you too.  Think
about what you do.  Can you guarantee it?  If so,
try putting a guarantee in your headline.  Keep track
of any change in response to your site.  You might have
to tweak your wording several times before you
achieve the impact your desire.

Having someone else 'critique' your site is a good
idea too.  Don't take their honest opinion personally.
Rather use their point of view as a tool to help you
better reach your audience.

Our Winter Quarter $50 Amazon Gift Certificate Winner

It is once again time to announce another winner.  The
people from whom we draw have taken time to fill out our
Quick Start Survey.  Each quarter, those names are put
into a hat and a new winner is chosen.  (One entry / win
per person / company.)

And the winner is...
Catherine O. who lives in the USA.  We will be emailing
you shortly Catherine.  Enjoy your prize from Web Builder


News Wrap Up

If you walk up and down the streets in our town at this time
of year and quietly listen, you will notice not the songs of robins
in the trees, not the crashing of the Lake Erie waves upon the
shoreline, not the kids running home from school, but rather the
drone, the whiney hum, of a leaf blower exploding from every yard
on the street.  Our town is covered with trees - a blessing and a
curse.  They provide wonderful cool shade in the heat of summer,
but the leaves in the fall create piles like you have never seen.  We
are so thankful for our firend Dave who has a super duper leaf blower,
similar to a lawn mower, that creates gusts resembling the type Herb
makes in the bathroom!  Oh, the joys of fall ! !


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