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Issue No. 16 Web Builder Express News: Should you use testimonials? 

Web Builder Express News - Issue No. 16

Your Hosts:  Herb & Monica Leibacher
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You've probably seen them before - testimonials.  Should you use them too?

On to the news!
- Herb & Monica



Should you use testimonials?
---->   Four Guideline to Effectively Using Testimonials

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News Wrap-up:
---->   50 pounds...of flour?

Should you use testimonials ?

You've probably seen web sites with testimonials - they
can add legitimacy, however, sometimes they are believable
and other times not.  But, are they worth the effort?

The answer is "yes" if they are done correctly.

A good testimonial can help you establish
credibility and give you an opportunity to prove the
claims you make on your web site.

But, when done incorrectly, testimonials aren't
believable; they are dishonest: and they can cause
more harm than good.

Here are some ideas on how to use testimonials

1. Do not fake it

A believable testimonial is to not made up.  A fake
testimonial can ruin your credibility.  Play fair.  Get
real testimonials from your real customers or your
actual web site users.

2. Be brief

If it's too long, your web site visitor probably
won't read it.  If you've got a super long testimonial,
break it up into small sections and use it in different

3. Identify the person giving the testimonial

Ideally, use a full name and title, not something
generic like "Happy Customer".  Want bonus
credibility?  Include actual contact information.
Usually, the visitor won't bother contacting them,
but the fact that they could shows that you are
willing to let customers "check out your credientials."
Pictures give a name a face...just make sure they
are good - preferably a "mug shot."

4. Put testimonials throughout your web site

It is OK to have one page with all your testimonials,
but you can't guarantee that a visitor to your web
site will go to that page.  Put one or two testimonials
on each page throughout your web site.

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News Wrap Up

Last year at this time, Monica made a New year's resolution to make
all of the bread that we ate this year.  And now at the end of the year
we have learned that it takes about 50 pounds of flour to make all of
that bread.  Not only did she manage to keep the resolution, but she
also managed to find some great bread recipes and become pretty
proficient at making them...without a bread machine.  Needless to say,
Herb became pretty proficient at eating them!

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Thanks for joining us!
Herb and Monica Leibacher


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