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Issue No. 17 Web Builder Express News: Getting Specific Testimonials 

Happy New Year!  We have been talking about testimonials lately.  Today we have included a letter and a link that will help you get specific testimonials.

Herb and Monica Leibacher
Web Builder Express


Getting Specific Testimonial
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--> A Testimonial

News Wrap-Up
--> New Year's Resolutions


Have you ever tried to get a testimonial from a customer only to find out that what they gave you really wasn't what you were looking for?

I have.  And so I have also developed a letter that has gotten better results.  I keep it in my 'Drafts' email box so that when I need it I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

I have included it below.  Feel free to use it you like it.


Dear Mr. Sharkfin,
We are currently looking for some "specific" testimonials from customers like you to put on our website.

Would you be so kind as to take a minute to hit the reply button and type in a few lines explaining how we helped you as a customer?  Perhaps you can talk about something that you like about our website tools and customer service.  Sharing your experience with us we would really be appreciated.

Hopefully your details about your experience will give our potential customers the confidence that they need to become part of the WBE family of customers.  I have included a link and a sample testimonial for reference.  Please be specific about your personal experience with WBE.  We want to hear from you.
A sample testimonial:
  I have been a satisfied customer for many years.  Your help via telephone and your quick responses to my emails are wonderful asset to your business. You really know your product, its features, and how to use them.  You never rush me.  Your product knowledge makes it a pleasure to do business with Web Builder Express. 
  Your interest in my specific needs, your flexibility, and your friendly, patient assistance make a big difference.  Unlike the people Iíve encountered with other hosting and website services, you have taken the time to show me everything I need to know.  I certainly appreciated the help.
  You have helped me make good choices, have offered good suggestions for my business, and have kept the price low.  I believe you have the best deal available on the internet.  I tell all my friends to check youíre your product before they sign on to a long tern contract with someone else.

Thank you for your time.

Herb and Monica Leibacher
Web Builder Express


The following link provides even more detailed info on testimonials with some example letters as well:


We received this testimonial after sending the above letter:

Web Builder Express is an absolutely outstanding value.  We searched around for an affordable yet reliable home for our website and found it.  This system provides everything we need, has a fantastic appearance, is user friendly, and all at a great price.  Thanks for delivering!
Our club was at the beginning of a new membership year and needed a quick set-up for our new web home.  Web Builder Express had us up and running ahead of schedule.  They have been quick to respond to all of our requests and their service has been outstanding!
Web Builder Express created a site for us that exceeded our expectations.  They customized the pages and created an appearance that keeps drawing club members and lots of visitors to our website.  We have been able to add new information and work within the pages with ease.  This is really one fantastic web service!

Cleveland Triathlon Club President


Do you make them?  We do.  Some of our past ones have been:
-hit a Cleveland Orchestra concert at least once a month during the summertime -make bread instead of buying it -portion control - take less for starters and get more later if still hungry

Interestingly enough these resolutions have become part of our daily routine.  Seeking just to try out something new and perhaps 'better for us' has led to some good habits!

So our resolutions for this year you ask?
-remember to bring the cloth bag into the grocery store (We always forget it in the car!) -continue making bread -remember more birthdays and anniversaries (this will take some doing!)

Check out our exciting New Year's Eve at Severence Hall with the Clevlenad Pops and thousands of other Clevelanders here: 

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Thanks for joining us.

Herb and Monica Leibacher

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