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Issue No. 18 Web Builder Express News: Create a Web Site Designed to Build Traffic 

Today we are talking about turning your site into a well viewed website.  Is yours designed to be one?  Read on to find out.

Herb and Monica Leibacher
Web Builder Express
Create a Website Designed to Build Traffic
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A critical goal of your website should be to build traffic - increasing the number of visitors who come to your site. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to increase your web site traffic:

1 - Offer something for free
You can establish credibility with your visitors and give them a reason to come back when you offer free content.  If you only give a sales pitch, your visitor won't really get to know and trust you.  Offer some informative articles, downloadable reference guides, helpful links, and other information that you have compiled and written yourself.

2 - Good overall design
If your website is unprofessional, people won't return.  Make sure that your site is easy to understand, appealing, and clear.  Make sure that your navigation is simple and that all your links work.  If your site looks like a 5th grader created it or if there are programming errors people will run for the hills.

3 - Keep in touch
When someone comes to your site, that is your prime opportunity to request their contact information so that you can keep in touch with them.  A simple 'guest book' will not do it.  You need to offer your visitor some valuable information in exchange for their contact information (see #1 above).  Use their e-mail to provide them with a useful monthly newsletter or to offer specials that you have.  It is extremely important that you do not ever misuse their information.  Sending out something daily or even more than once a week it too much - even if someone specifically requests to know about your specials. 

4 - Solid contact information
Have a prominent About Us or Contact Us page.  Use it to give your visitor plenty of information on how to get in touch with you in case they have questions about your organization.  And answer their calls.  Perhaps folks are impressed with automation, but when they call, don't expect them to press a bunch of buttons and stay on hold forever.  They are busy.  Make sure you use their time well.  Be available when they are ready to talk to you.

When you create a website that is designed to build traffic, you build trust and more chances for more visitors and more repeat visitors.

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In an effort to make use of our crawl space, we have been laying plywood and reworking upstairs closets.  The past two weekends we painted...and painted...and painted.  Things are coming along and do look so much better with some fresh coats of primer and paint, it sure has been job.  And probably the hardest part of all has been getting the paint out of our hair!!  We will have to send pictures when we finish our project.

...now on to the lime washing...!

In case you haven't seen our New Year's Eve at Severence Hall pictures, you can check them out here:  /new-year-2006.html
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Herb and Monica Leibacher

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