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Issue No. 19 Web Builder Express News: How Simple Changes to Your Site Can Make Big Improvements 

Today we are talking about how simple changes to your site can make big improvements.

Herb and Monica Leibacher
Web Builder Express
Small changes.  Big Improvements.
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Even small changes to your web site can make big improvements.  Here are some things to try:

1. Focus on your headlines

Your headlines are critical.  They catch people's attention so that you can start to make a connection with them.  Use your headline to explain the biggest benefit (not feature) of your service or product.  In controlled market studies, just changing the headline - and nothing else - has improved sales rates 10 times!

2. Focus on your customer, not on yourself

The most important word to use in your text and your headlines is "you".  It makes your writing personal, and helps make sure that you focus on the interests of your customer, not yourself.  As a result, writing "You can have your own custom web site in 3 days" is much more effective than "Our company can build web sites super duper fast".

3. Focus on your colors

The most effective colors for the background of your web pages are grey, black, white, and blue.  We normally recommend white, as it is easiest to coordinate with other graphics and provides a clean and professional look.  Regarding fonts, make sure there is plenty of contrast - a dark or black font on a white background looks good.  Use yellow highlighting and bold to emphasize your key points.

4. Focus on a call to action

Make sure that you clearly explain to your visitor what you want them to do.  Should they call you now?  Send you an e-mail? 

Try just a few of these simple changes.  You too can make big improvements to your web site.


We are presenting two workshops at the OCEA convention this weekend in Akron.  Our first seminar deals with the ABC's of website building...oddly enough!  Our second seminar is about using appropriate graphics one websites.  Maybe we will even see some of your there!


Amidst all of our consturction we have had quite a turn of events...We are moving!  Yes, we found a home in Celebration, Florida.  Herb has been wanting to move for a long time now and Monica felt she could finally feel at home in the cozy, yellow house on the corner that she and Herb picked out.  It is in its final stages of being built, but when we have a picture of it we will be sure to show you. 

For those who are current Web Builder Express customers, the move will not impact the services we provide.  Our computer servers will not move from their current data center in Akron, and our toll free number will not change either.  We will continue to provide the services and support you have come to expect.

For those who are not yet customers, what are you waiting for?  Be in control of your website for a change.  Make those long overdue updates.  We've got the tools and the know-how.  See what you have been missing!

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Herb and Monica Leibacher

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