SMS 20 Year Class Reunion (And we all still look GREAT!)

 Our fantastic planning committee



 Shelly Hansel and Coreene and Pat McNamara


 Tom Muntean, Ann Svoboda, Jim McDermott, and Maria Tarbuck



 Brent and Nancy Monnin


 Mark and Jen Zaremba and Rick DiGeronimo



 Mark Zaremba and JT and Chris Kurtz


 Mark Luvison



 Steve and Maria Tarbuck


 Kathy and Matt Chappel



 Kathy Chappel and Greg Beohnlein  (Did we finally spell it right, Greg?)


 Lynn and John Zuchinski and Brent and Nancy Monnin



 Kristen and Tom Muntean


 Guy and Melissa Seagro and Helen Clymer



 Kevin Clymer


 Somewhat blurry shot
 I think we are all paying attention...some things never change!


 Greg Beohnlein (still spelling it right, Greg!!)



 Greg "You know who" and Jeff Hrehocik


 Brian Wagner with fiancee, Corinne



 Adam Bucci


 The Munteans and Beth Weaver



 Rick DiGeronimo and Pat McNamara


 Herb and Monica Leibacher



 Jim and Hollie McDermott and Monica and Art Olivera






















Funny...The WInking Lizard said we were "the best group they had ever had!!!"

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