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The search engine secret that is no secret at all 

It's common knowledge - we all know that it is important to rank well in search engines.  Doing so can bring qualified, interested visitors to the web site you create.  And, those visitors come to you believing that you know what you are talking about, since you showed up in the search engine results.

All the time, people ask "How do I get my site to show up first when I type 'whatever' into the search engines?".

Here's the secret: 

Create a great web site with useful information, and have more relevant links pointing back to your web site than your competitors. 


You shouldn't be.  The secret is not really a secret at all. 

We all want short cuts and quick fixes.  It would be nice if you could believe the ads, submit to 18 bazillion search engines for free, and get to the top of the search engines.  But, alas, it doesn't work that way.

It takes hard work and long term commitment. 

So, what can you do today?

1. Write a new, fresh article on the topic of your web site.

You don't have to be Stephen King to create an article for the web.  Anyone can do it.  Just sit down and think about what you know that other people might like to hear.  Not an advertisement for yourself, but real useful informaiton others can use.  Then, write it out - just like you are talking to someone.  Go back and edit, proof read, and edit again.  Then, post your new article on your web site.

2. Share your article with others to get links back to your site.

People all over the internet want useful information to post on their web sites.  You can give it to them, and in return ask for a link back to your site.  Check out these sites, where you can submit your article for free, and other people can pick it up, post it on their site, and link back to you:


Repeat steps 1 and 2 above, and you will build content and links.  And that will help your search engine rankings.  And that's no secret.

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