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How to troubleshoot Outlook Express errors 

Tip 1
If your e-mail set up was working before, and you have not changed anything since the last time you checked / sent mail, do not adjust your settings simply close OutloOK Express, reboot your PC, reopen OutloOK and try again.

Tip 2
Of course, make sure you have a good working connection to the internet - by opening up your Internet Explorer browser and making sure your home page loads, and you can move to different pages on the internet.

Tip 3
Follow this is a procedure to test the connection from your PC to the Web Builder Express mail server.

 Step 1 - In Windows, click the "Start" button, the select the "Run" item.  In the Run box, type "cmd".

Important:  Do not enter quotes as you type in commands below - the quotes are just to point out the specific items you should type.

This will open a new command prompt window, with white text on a black screen.

Step 1 - Type in the following commands exactly as they appears.  Use lower case letters only. If you make a mistake, start again.

   telnet mail.webbuilderexpress.com 110

and then press the Enter key on your keyboard. You will then be connected to the email server and will see a message that starts like this:
+OK ArGoSoft Mail Server

 Step 2 - Type in "user" followed by your email address.  For example:

   user herb@herbleibacher.com

where you substitute herb@herbleibacher.com with your e-mail address
and then press the Enter key.

You will then get a message +OK Please enter your pass, with the PASS command

 Step 3 - Type in "pass" followed by your password

   pass mypassword

where you substitute "mypassword" with your actual password
and press the Enter key.

If your connection is working, you will get a message that starts like this:
+OK Mailbox is locked and ready

 Step 4 - Exit the test by typing:


and press enter, then type:


and press enter.

If you get the "+OK Mailbox is locked and ready" message above, you have successfully connected to the Web Builder Express mail server, so the problem lies somewhere with the set up in OutloOK Express.  Double check your OutloOK settings, making sure to follow and verify each step.


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