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Web Site Design Request

At Web Builder Express, we want you to have a web site you will love by providing you with a custom-designed web site. 

The example below explains the three elements we will design for you:

1. Header
Your Header will appear at the top of each of your web pages.  By putting the header at the top of every one of your web pages, your site will have a consistent look, which is important to portraying a professional look.  Your Header should include your organization name, and perhaps an image or two that portrays what your organization is all about.  In the example on the right, the header includes the "WorkLife, Inc." logo and some images of people.  The Header should be simple and clean.  Your header should not - and really can not -tell everything about your orgainziation.  Your Header should say who you are, and it should suggest what you are all about.

2. Home Page Graphic
To give your home page more impact, we will design a Home Page Graphic.  We can include a slogan / headline (text), and / or a graphic image.  In the example on the right, the Home Page Graphic includes the stylized presentation of the text slogan "Everyone needs it.  Everyone can deliver it.  But few people do.  Create your revolution".  Your Home Page Graphic should tell a little more about your organization in an eye-catching way.

3. Layout
The Layout colors will compliment your Header and your Home Page Graphic.  There are two colors - one for the menu that appears on the left of each of your web pages (which is red in the example to the right), and one for the breadcrumb trail and search bar that appears directly beneath the Header on each of your pages (which is blue in the example to the right).


Please complete the form below to describe how you would like us to design your Header, Home Page Graphic, and Layout colors. 

Please be as specific as possible.  Also, keep in mind that we will use "stock art" for photos.  We will attempt to provide you with images that portray the messages and images you want to communicate, but we are limited to the images available to us. 


What is your e-mail address? We will communicate with you at this e-mail address.

What is your Web Builder Express company name?

What is your organization name, exactly as you would like it to appear in your Header?

Briefly describe what your organization does, and what you want to portray in your Header.

What types of images would you like to see in your Header?

If you have files with a logo or graphics you would like to include in your Header, please e-mail them to Contact Us and describe the files here.

What text and what images would you like to appear in your Home Page Graphic?

What colors would you like to see in your Layout (menu bar and breadcrumb / search bar), and what colors would you like to see in your Header and Home Page Graphic?

Any other thoughts do you have about what you would like, or not like, in your design?

Remember to click the "submit" button after you have completed all the information on the form!

We can typically send you a first design in 4 days.  You can then provide up to three rounds of revisions, which we can typically send in 24-48 hours.

We will contact you by e-mail when your first design is ready.

Thank you for using Web Builder Express!


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