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What about sales / search engine ranking / advertising? 

At Web Builder Express, we are committed to your success. 

We specialize in building and maintaining web sites, and our customers tell us we do a great job at that! 

However, no one organization can do everything for everyone.  You call an electrician to re-wire your house, and you call a doctor to re-wire your body.  We at Web Builder Express are no different.

As much as we will do everything in our power to help make you successful, we at Web Builder Express are not able to help you with securing sales, developing on-line or off-line advertising, or helping make sure your site ranks on search engines.

Another way to look at it: 
> We can help write your resume, but we can't get you a job. 
> We can help you build a web site, but we can't guarantee it will generate sales, or it will appear in certain places on certain search engines.

Here are some organizations that can help you with sales, search engine ranking, or advertising.  We don't endorse or guarantee any of these organizations, but we have personally some of found them helpful - they may be helpful to you too.

Search Engine Optimization
 High Rankings - This site offers a free and very helpful weekly newsletter on how to improve your search engine ranking. They also offer services to help optimize your web site for the search engines.
 Sage Rock - This site offers services to help you optimize your web site for the search engines

Also check out the section called Ranking in the search engines on our Free Information page.

On-line Advertising
 Google - A huge force that can drive prospects to your site
 Overture - Another huge force that can drive prospects to your site

Also check out our detailed article What is PPC Advertising.

General Sales and Marketing
Check out our the sections called Writing for your web site and Marketing your web site on our Free Information page.

All of us at Web Builder Express wish you great success!


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