Finally, You Can Get A Custom Professional Web Site In Just One Week With Zero Up Front Cost!
 Every customer gets:
  • Free website design - You get a profession look created by a professional graphic artist.
  • Free website build - Your text is turned into great looking web pages.
  • Free consultation - You get answers to all of your questions.

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       $40 / month

      -   Custom web site - we build your first 6 pages for free
      -   We make the updates for you for only $3 per change


       $45 / month

      -   Custom web site - we build your first 6 pages for free
      -   We make the updates for you for only $3 per change
      -   PLUS you get access to all our tools to make unlimited updates yourself for free

       $75 / month

      -   Custom web site - we build your first 6 pages for free
      -   We make the updates for you for only $3 per change
      -   PLUS you get access to all our tools to make unlimited updates yourself for free
      -   PLUS you get five custom e-mail accounts


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    • What Customers Are Saying

      Thank you for helping our non-profit organization start our very own website.  I really had no idea where to start and you helped us step by step through the process and now our site is up and running.  We can not thank you for helping our organization broaden the opportunities to reach out to more people. Thanks for helping us to make a difference.

      Jodi Matthews

      Web Builder Express is an absolutely outstanding value.  We searched around for an affordable yet reliable home for our website and found it.  This system provides everything we need, has a fantastic appearance, is user friendly, and all at a great price.  Thanks for delivering!

      Amy Trejbal

      Feature Standard
      (Only $45 per month)
      (Only $75 per month)
      Easy to build your web site    

      Easy to use
      All versions of Web Builder Express are really easy to use - in fact, we guarantee it.

      Create a consistent look across your site
      Your pages will be consistent so that your site will have a professional look

      Optimize pictures and drawings 
      Make sure your pages load quickly

      Provide your visitors with schedules, deadlines, and more

      List links to next level of pages
      Automatically manage your site navigation

      Roll back a page
      Undo changes and go back to a previous version of any page

      Site styles and pages templates
      Build a consistent and professional site that looks great

      Upload a file 
      Add files for your web sie users to access, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or programs to download.

      Create custom Site Styles or Page Templates
      Design exactly the look you want for your site

      Design pages to be friendly to search engines
      Your pages will provide useful information to search engines

      Page preview
      See what your pages look like before they appear on your web site.

      Fill in forms 
      Build interactive features to collect information from your visitors

      Mailing list 
      Keep in touch with your visitors with newsletters, reminders, and other mailings

      Easy to manage your web site    

      Web based 
      You don't have to install any software, and you can update your site anywhere you can get to the Internet

      Spell check 
      Make sure your pages don't have any spelling mistakes

      Report on site searches 
      Find out what words and phrases your visitors used to search your site

      Report page views
      Find out what visitors like on your site

      Report broken links 
      Make sure there are no annoying errors on your site

      You get a complete e-mail solution, with your own address:


      Automatic e-mail virus check 
      Web Builder Express will automatically check each e-mail you send and receive for viruses to protect you and the people with whom you communicate


      Easy for your web site visitors to use    

      Breadcrumb trail 
      Show your users where they are and where they've been with this incredibly useful site navigation tool

      Page changed notification
      Tell your visitors when pages on your site change

      Site search
      Allow your visitors to search your site for exactly the information they need

      Generate a site index 
      Easily give your users an overview of your entire site

      Easy to collaborate with your colleagues    

      Administer user security 
      You decide who in your organization can update your site

      Manage page 'check out' and 'check in' automatically 
      Make sure that the people who update your site don't overwrite the work of one another

      Define notification rules
      Collaborate with your colleagues on changes to your site

      Define approval rules
      Define rules so that when a certain person changes a page, one or more people must approve that change before it shows up on your site.
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